CAVH@TRBAM-2023 Report

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 102nd annual meeting was held in person beginning Sunday, January 8 through Thursday, January 12, in Washington, D. C. convention center. Ten members of our CAVH group attended the meeting.
During TRB, several members gave excellent presentations and exhibited our achievement of one-year hardworking. Everyone has gained a lot of new knowledge and developed new relationships essential for the future.

CAVH Group in TRB 2022


Conceptual Development for a Generalized Tribal Crash Safety Dashboard

Tianyi Chen, Haotian Shi, Steven Parker, Glenn Vorhes, and David Noyce

Adaptive Control Strategy of Variable Speed Limit on Freeway Segments Under Fog Conditions

Ben Zhai, Yanli Wang, Wenxuan Wang, Bing Wu


Poster Presentation

Snowflake Schema Based Data Warehouse for Analyzing Crash, Citation, and Warning Traffic Safety Records

Sicheng Fu, Steven Parker, and Andrea Bill

Distributed Connected Automated Vehicles Control under Real-time Aggregated Macroscopic Car-following Behavior
Estimation based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Haotian Shi, Danjue Chen, Nan Zheng, Xin Wang, Yang Zhou, and Bin Ran

Development of the Data Pipeline for a Connected Vehicle Corridor

Keshu Wu, Yang Cheng, Steven Parker, Bin Ran, and David Noyce