CAVH@TRBAM-2024 Report

The 103nd annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) took place from Sunday, January 7, to Thursday, January 11, at the convention center in Washington, D.C. Members from our Connected and Automated Vehicle Hub (CAVH) group were present.

Throughout the event, various group members delivered outstanding presentations and showcased the fruits of our year-long efforts. The experience was enriching for everyone involved, providing an opportunity to acquire new insights and forge valuable connections for future endeavors.

CAVH Group in TRB 2024


Lecture Presentation

Truck Parking Usage Prediction for a Multi-State Truck Parking Information Management System (TRBAM-24-03116)

  • AED70 Standing Committee on Freight Transporation Data
  • Authors: Rei Tamaru, Yang Cheng, Steven Parker, Ernie Perry, and Bin Ran


Poster Presentation

Multimodal Interaction-Aware Two-Dimensional Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Based on Diffusion Graph Convolutional Networks (TRBAM-24-05764)

  • AED50 Safe and Smart Transportation Systems Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Authors: Keshu Wu, Yang Zhou, Haotian Shi, Xiaopeng Li, and Bin Ran

The Enhancement of the Data Pipeline of a Connected Vehicle Corridor: A Leap Toward Digital Twin Implementation (TRBAM-24-06362)

  • AED30 Information Systems and Technology
  • Authors: Keshu Wu, Yang Cheng, Pei Li, Steven Parker, Bin Ran, and David Noyce

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication-Based Emergency Visual Alert System for Multiple Intersections (TRBAM-24-03121)

  • ACP15 Standing Committee on Intelligent Transporation Systems.
  • Authors: Rei Tamaru, Yang Cheng, Cesar Andriola, David Noyce, and Bin Ran

How Does Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Perform in Urban Environments?: Results from Real-World Empirical Experiments on Urban Arterials (TRBAM-24-04495)

  • AED20 Applications and Innovations in Urban Travel Data
  • Authors: Pei Li, Keshu Wu, Yang Cheng, Zilin Huang, Rui Gan, Steven Parker, and David Noyce