CARLA Simulation Project

About the Project

The CARLA Simulation Project is an ongoing research project. We are actively recruiting undergraduate students and master’s students with engineering or computer sciences backgrounds for the semester of Spring 2022. To apply for the position, please fill out the application form and upload your resume before Jan 30, 2022 using the following link:


CARLA is an open-source autonomous driving simulator. It was built from scratch to serve as a modular and flexible API to address a range of tasks involved in the problem of autonomous driving. CARLA simulator is a great platform for testing the algorithms for autonomous vehicles.

The Collaborative Automated Driving System (CADS) provides full vehicle operations and control for Connected and Automated Vehicle and Highway (CAVH) systems, which include an intelligent vehicle subsystem and an intelligent roadway subsystem, by sending individual vehicles with detailed and time-sensitive control instructions for vehicle operations. The Connected Reference Marking System (CRMS) and related methods provide vehicle location identification functions for connected automated vehicles (CAV) at any vehicle intelligence level.


The major objectives of the CARLA Simulation Project in Spring 2022 are to:

  • Simulate the operational life cycle of the CADS in the CARLA environment
  • Validate the developed algorithms of collaborative automated driving
  • Develop and test new models in the CARLA environment

We will work on specific learning and development tasks of the connected and automated driving functions, including software development, algorithm development, and system integration and development.

Working information

Anticipated workload per week:

  • Flexible, 4 hours or above preferred 
  • Weekly meeting (offline and online)

Working location:

  • Remote work 
  • Offline meeting location TBA

Work in Groups

I. The Sensing and Prediction Group

Group leaders: Keshu Wu, Sicheng Fu, Rei Tamaru

What you’ll be doing:

  • Use CARLA Python API to customize the sensors on the vehicles and the roadside units
  • Apply the object detection algorithms to detect the objects (vehicles and the pedestrians)
  • Apply the prediction algorithms to predict the
    future movement of agents

We’d like you to have:

  • Basic knowledge of automated driving
  • Programming skills in Python
  • Experience with developing machine learning models
  • Basic knowledge of computer vision algorithms

II. The Planning and Control Group

Group leaders: Haotian Shi, Tianyi Chen, Yifan Yao, Kunsong Shi

What you’ll be doing:

  • Apply the planning algorithms to work on the macroscopic and microscopic path planning, motion planning, and  behavior planning
  • Apply the control algorithms to control the CAVs

We’d like you to have:

  • Basic knowledge of autonomous driving
  • Programming skills in Python
  • Basics knowledge of the control mechanism of the vehicles

III. The Map and Scenario Design Group

Group leaders: Yifan Yao, Jingwen Zhu

What you’ll be doing:

  • Design maps using RoadRunner
  • Design detailed traffic scenarios
  • Test the maps and scenarios in CARLA
  • Build the map-simulation pipeline

We’d like you to have:

  • Programming skills in Python
  • Basic knowledge of road geometry design
  • Basic knowledge of traffic operations

How to apply